Investors always want to protect their investment and that includes good information. Our team focuses on making sure that the technical information is as accurate as possible. We analyze both commercial properties - office buildings, shopping centers, industrial properties and larger residential projects prior to purchase. Likewise, we evaluate development projects in the design and construction phase.

What you get

  • Detailed overview of the technical condition of the purchased property
  • Overview of future CAPEX investment costs
  • Overview of past and future OPEX operating costs
  • List of risk areas to consider before buying

Typical course of service

1.Initial meeting with the investor - identification of intentions and determination of the scope of the audit

2.Property inspection visits - duration 2-4 weeks depending on scope

3.Optional building diagnostics - thermal imaging, structural probing, electrical analysis, envelope tightness, camera survey of ductwork, etc.

4.Preparation of final report with list of findings, definition of risks, financial calculation

5.Final meeting with the client of the technical audit


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