Analysis of electrical networks

The electrical network in ideal condition shows parameters: frequency 50 Hz, stable voltage with sinusoidal continuance, three-phase system is balanced both in terms of amplitude and phase. In fact, the electric grid has a voltage fluctuation, different sized voltage spikes, higher harmonic frequencies and phase shift. At the same time, every deviation from the ideal state is a waste of electricity, thus the potential for savings. Now you can find them with our electrical grid analysis service using professional analyzer that can also work as a data logger. Measurement with this analyzer we also use in energy audits and all other energy optimization.

Main benefits

  • Electrical energy savings
  • Longer lifetime of appliances
  • Lower penalty from distribution companies

What you get: Electrical energy savings and longer lifetime of appliances

Suitable for:

  • Company of any size
  • Building owner
  • Facility management
  • Industrial areas

Implementation of the service is done by the identification of a suitable location or multiple locations for the location of a network analyzer regarding customer requirements. Sometimes it is necessary to arrange cooperation with the local electricity distribution company if network analyzer placed in places that are governed its administration. The typical duration for which the analysis is carried out is one week, together with an appraisal report, the price ranges from 8,900 CZK. The analyzer is always placed so as not influence operation of the plant or could somehow endanger the lives or health of users of electrical networks.

Analyzátor elektrické sítě

We have analyzer and measuring instruments that do not have a power supply which allows their installation in remote places where there is not the possibility of using power from the electricity grid. The sampling frequency of the analyzer is 1 second and can log the following main parameters:

1.Voltage value

2.Amperage value

3.Phase drift

4.Electricity consumption

5.Immediate output (reactive and active)

With these measurements, you can reveal inefficiencies in electric transmission, select the appropriate regulator of the maximum load as well as the size of circuit breakers, uncover inefficiencies in the conduct of the staff or employees, introduce appropriate compensate reactive or capacitive components of electric energy or entity regulating voltage amplitude.

Analysis of the power supply is also very often the service entrance to the next steps of energy management, and the introduction of smart metering systems, see Enectiva.

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