Commissioning services within building certifications

As part of the certification of buildings in Breeam and LEED standards, we offer the services of our commissioning specialists (commissioning agent), i.e. commissioning of technological units. For LEED certified projects we offer both Fundamental Commissioning and Enhanced Commissioning. We can also provide re-commissioning if it is necessary to obtain more credits within the certification.

Technologies and areas normally subject to commissioning:

  • Heating, cooling, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lighting
  • Measurement and control of MaR (BMS)
  • Building envelope
  • Indoor microclimate

To make an enquiry, just describe your situation and send us the information at or use our contact form or phone contact: +420 222 766 950

To whom:

  • Developers
  • General building contractors
  • Real estate investors

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