Technology Management and SCADA

Measurement and control systems (MaR) are primarily designed for automated control of building technologies such as heating, cooling and air conditioning. In addition, lighting control, monitoring of fire protection systems and various security systems. However, it can also be the control of production technologies, but in our case we are fully focused on the design and implementation of energy efficient building systems..

An important part of all our projects is SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), or in Czech dispatching (dispatching control and data acquisition). Our SCADA is based on a cloud platform, so no complex installation on your own computers is required, but everything is handled online via a web application. Do gives customers several advantages. Among the most interesting are the low investment and operating costs of running a SCADA solution.

A subchapter of SCADA solutions are HMI (Human Mechine Interface), i.e. interfaces through which the technology can be controlled by trained users. These are different variants of touch panels and screens, where the visualization of the technology also runs.

As far as the visualization is concerned, it is possible to agree on a custom design that respects not only the character of the building and the technology, but also the corporate identity of the customer. Data from the PLC control systems are acquired via standard open communication protocols (ModBUS, BacNET, etc.) and then stored in SQL databases.

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