The main purpose of the Enectiva application is to simplify the management of energy data and the use of meter data to increase efficiency in all types of operations. Enecitva does not give advice in itself on how to save energy, but it shows the potential for savings possible. In the same way, thanks to the application, they can perform the precise surveillance measures that you have introduced. It is also a useful and compatible tool for the introduction of the standards of ISO 50001. Also, the collected data can be used in the certification of BREEAM, LEED, SBTool GB buildings or simply for an energy audit.

 Here is a selection of the characteristics of the key applications.

 Detailed statistics on consumption and costs.

 Enectiva allows you to control the energy consumption (heat, cold, light, gas, water) and its subsequent detailed division such as, for example, the consumption of hot water, the electricity consumption of the air conditioning, etc.

 Automatic reports

Energy management becomes a much easier process when you have automatic access to data. Each energy statistic can be generated automatically, just so you can be automatically notified of an emergency situation. For example, a significant increase in consumption.

Savings analysis

The Enectiva system is designed to detect losses and to motivate savings. In the same way that allows, from the integrated analytical tools, to control and evaluate automatically the cost saving projects or EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction).

Billing allocation

One of our objectives in creating the Enectiva system is to reduce the administrative burden associated with the energy data. That's why in integrated billing, billing functionality allows you to create an energy bill for each user for five clicks.

Meteorological data.

The weather can significantly affect energy consumption. Therefore, in a possible comparison with Enectiva consumption with temperature, as well as adjust the alerts generated automatically by excessive use. It is possible to integrate the data from the nearest weather station directly into your equipment.

Support of Google Maps.

To facilitate the management of all real estate this application is linked to Google Maps.

Unlimited number of licensed users.

Within each license application, you have the ability to use an unlimited number of users. It is a totally unique form of licensing, which is charged by the number of measurement points instead of by system users.

Easy readings of the entrance meter.

There are two ways to enter Enective energy readings. The first one is entered manually in an online form and the second one is an automatic collection for different periods of time. We support remote reading of water meters, calorimeters, electricity and gas meters.

Support for remote reading.

The automatic collection of energy data from smart meters plays an important role in current energy management. Enectiva is ready to transfer data from a wide variety of interfaces such as M-bus, Wireless M-bus, RS-485, Zig Bee, ModBus, etc.

Integrated lists of energy prices.

ERU (Energy Regulatory Authority) publishes annually a new list of prices which are immediately integrated into Enectiva. Thanks to this feature, and also thanks to being able to define your own price lists, you can always track the costs related to energy consumption.

Property management.

 In the Enective application, you can follow the development of all types of surfaces at the same time, as well as the preceding provisions and then record the position of the individual energy counters.


 The Enectiva system works with memory of events for example when changing the electricity supplier or installing a new technology to make saving measures, the system will remember this fact and allow to closely monitor the savings achieved through this change.

PEX and EEX bag connection.

 With Encetiva you can monitor the current evolution of energy exchanges, see the price of energy or receive alerts at the best time to buy.