Construction certification according to SBToolCZ standard

SBToolCZ is the Czech national certification tool for determining the quality level of buildings according to sustainable building principles. The certification process was officially introduced and put into operation at the international conference CESB10 in June 2010.

Benefits of SBToolCZ certification:

  • SBToolCZ is currently the only tool located in the Czech Republic.
  • It respects local climate, building and legislative conditions.
  • It is completely maintained in Czech.
  • It has a low price compared to foreign methodologies.
  • Building data does not leave the Czech Republic.
  • SBToolCZ is based on internationally recognised SBTool methods.

The SBToolCZ methodology is based on a multi-criteria approach, where the client enters a set of different criteria, which take into account the principles of sustainable construction. The range of criteria that go into the assessment process varies depending on the type of building (residential, office, etc.) and according to the stages of the life cycle, which is within the assessed building. SBToolCZ respects the following phases: design, construction, commissioning and operation of the building. For residential buildings in the design phase the SBToolCZ methodology assessed a total of 33 criteria, for office buildings it assessed 39 criteria. The structure of the criteria and the scales between them are designed according to the principles of sustainable construction and the final assessment is primarily aimed at meeting the needs and protecting the public interest as well as the quality of the built environment.

The structure of the criteria assessed is divided into three basic groups:

  • Environmental criteria (Environment).
  • Social (or socio-cultural) criteria.
  • Economics and Management.

These are complemented by a fourth set of criteria relating to the location of the building, which is assessed and presented, but does not enter into the final quality certificate:

  • Location.

Each criterion is assessed according to an established algorithm and using criterion limits (i.e. benchmarks) this value is normalised to a uniform scale, meaning that the value of the criterion indicator is converted to a scale from 0 to +10. This scale has the following meaning

Range 0 to 4 - the value of the criterion indicator corresponds to the normal state in the Czech Republic or compliance with legal or regulatory requirements (if defined). This level is often referred to as standard.

Range 4 to 6 - the indicator value corresponds to good quality.

Range 6 to 8 - the indicator value corresponds to high quality.

Range 8 to 10 - indicator value is the highest, formidable quality, in some cases have achieved BAT (i.e. best available technology), or addressed the set of trends in sustainable construction.

The points resulting from all criteria are then multiplied by the importance of each criterion, added together and the overall result is obtained (again, a range from 0 to 10), the value of which represents the quality level of the building in question.

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