For our customers, we conduct technical audits that are aimed at detecting any technical drawbacks and risks associated with the operation of the building.

The technical audit is always carried out by specialists in the area who are regularly trained in their fields. They use modern technical equipment including thermal imaging camera, power network analyzer, temperature data loggers, humidity, CO2, lux meter, and so on. All in order to determine the detailed condition of the object during a technical audit.

Main Benefits:

  • Detailed state of the property
  • Forecast of future OPEX costs
  • Oversize current operating costs
  • Protect the buyer or the owner at the end of the warranty

What to get: Detailed overview of the technical condition of the property

For whom:

  • Real estate owners
  • Facility management
  • Property management
  • Asset managmenet
  • Portfolio management

The output of the technical audit is a summary report with photographic documentation and written deficiencies. Frequently customers want to quantify the costs associated with detected defects, so it is possible to process economical calculations as part of the technical audit.

Covered areas by the activity of technical auditors:

1. Check the completeness of the documentation for the object

2. Used materials and their condition

3. Building construction and statics

4. TZB (HVAC) equipment of the facility

5. Fire safety features

6. Compliance with building standards and regulations

7. Influence of the risks related to the environmental impact

The process of conducting a technical audit consists of an introductory meeting with the contracting authority where the intention and scope of the work is identified. Eventually, individual inspections of specialist on audited areas are organized. The resulting message is always delivered during a personal meeting with the client and the individual deficiencies are presented.

Are you interested in having a technical audit done?