Smart metering

An accurate, high-quality metering system is a guarantee of effective energy management. The more minute and accurate the metering of appliances, the more savings may be found in management of energies. Our company is aware of this fact, which is why we introduced the option to install the so-called smart metering systems, which are connected to the Enectiva software application. Owing to these metering systems, you are able to control and to keep track of your energy consumption (and, subsequently, of your finances) in real time.

Main Benefit

  • Automation of readings
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Real-time consumption
  • Monitoring of savings
  • Motivating to save energy

What you get:   Energy under control - online and at all times

Suitable for:

  • Building owners
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Construction companies
  • Facility, property, asset managemet

Měřící systémy

These days, traditional analog meters (electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, etc.) are obsolete and they should be replaced with digital metering systems which provide a broad spectrum of data. These systems are a step forward towards more accurate metering and analysis of energy consumption and its savings.

Why should I install the smart metering system?

Typical administration buildings or housing units each have several meters that record energy consumption and whose values serve as decisive factors in assessing how much should the individual tenants be charged for various types of energy. However, this method poses several problems.
Today, we have the option to install the so-called smart metering system in buildings. Its functions are not limited only to metering; the system offers many benefits that make energy management easier. These include clear well-arranged metering of energy consumption, analysis of electricity costs in real time, and assessment in a form of graphs and charts.

The information mentioned above is summed up in the following table:

 Typical situation

  Situation with the Smart Metering System

  •  Reading meters requires a lot of time

  •  Energy consumption values are recorded automatically
  •  Manual recording, assessment, and analysis of data
  •  All data is recorded, assessed, and analyzed by software
  •  The possibility of failure of by human error
  •   All is dealt with electronically, in real time and in tables and graphs
  •  Inaccuracy in calculation of energy costs for tenant
  •  Accurately calculated energy consumption per tenant
  •  Inability to determine which activity or which appliance consumes the most energy
  • Records of consumption metering according to individual categories (type, room, appliance, comparison with outside temperature...)
  •  No motivation for tenants and low chances of improvement or reduction of energy consumption
  •   Due to accurate statements and analysis of consumption, the tenants are financially motivated to use energy economically
  •  The provider has paid for the energy beforehand, the actual amount rarely matches the prediction
  • Accurate prediction of consumption, accurate statement from the provider and the possibility to plan your cash-flow
  •   The validity of meter readings is minimal
  • Recording and controlling the ratio of renewable and non-renewable resources
  •  In case of any kind of change (cost-saving measures, change in values, etc.), the statement is not a valid testimony
  •  Monitoring and assessment of return of investment in cost-saving measures

At the following link, you may find a list of all BENEFITS AND FACILITATIONS of the installation of the smart metering system

Enerfis and smart metering

We are glad to help you with anything connected to smart metering systems. We will help you with the analysis of your current situation. We will make suggestions on how to reduce your operating costs and we will calculate the return on your investment. All our services are custom-made and designed for your specific needs.
Installation of meters and their connection to the Enectiva online system, where you may follow and assess the data measured, will help you make your energy management as effective as possible and your energy expenses as low as possible.

We are able to provide a turnkey system or only parts of the whole process. We offer experience in the field which is a guarantee of high quality and reliability of our services.

Here, you may learn about the TECHNICAL PROPERTIES of the smart metering system.

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