Take advantage of the services of our energy specialists

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic grants authorization to perform the activities of an energy specialist to a competent person who provides evidence of education in a technical field, experience and successfully passes a professional examination.

Enerfis: Our energy specialists are available for consultations and projects.

The energy specialist is authorised to:

  • Preparation of energy audit and energy assessment
  • Preparation of building energy performance certificates (PENB)
  • Carrying out inspections of operating heating systems and combined heating and ventilation systems
  • Carrying out inspections of air-conditioning systems

Until January 2020, energy specialists were trained through a mandatory two-day course with a final test. Energy specialists had to attend this training every 3 years. With the change in the law and Decree 406/2000 Coll., these courses are abolished and replaced by continuous training. The energy specialist must obtain at least 18 credits for attending training seminars over a period of 3 years. Training seminars will be approved by the State Energy Inspectorate (SEI), which will determine how many credits a seminar receives based on various criteria. The criteria include the thematic scope and content of the lectures, the professional background of the organiser, the duration of the seminar (minimum 5 hours), the hourly financial cost of the organisation, etc.

Our energy specialists receive regular training in the following areas:

  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Energy legislation and other related legislation
  • Thermal protection of buildings
  • Measurement and control systems for the operation of energy efficient buildings
  • Smart-metering systems
  • Low-emission source systems
  • International trends in energy saving