Measurement of CO2, temperature, and humidity

Using accurate data loggers, we measure CO2 concentration, heat, and humidity inside a building or a compound. These values are important if you seek better regulation of heating, cooling or air-conditioning units in your compound or if you want to learn about the condition of the mircoclimate in the interiors.

Main Benefits

  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Improvement of working performance
  • Better regulation of technologies

What you get:  Analysis of the state of interior microclimate

Suitable for:

  • Small and large businesses
  • Building owners
  • Facility management
  • Property management 

For measurements, we use loggers developed by  Voltcraft  and a highly accurate CO2 meter manufactured by the CO2 meter company. Both these gadgets provide us with accurate information which we use to propose changes in regulation of technologies so that it is more economical. We will explain to you what needs to be changed and what there is to be done to ensure comfort of the tenants.










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