BMS and SCADA for energy efficient buildings

It is important for our customers to operate energy-efficient and easy to manage buildings, which is exactly our goal in designing BMS and SCADA systems. To match these goals we can use many years of our experience in energy management, optimizing the operations of various types of buildings, energy audits and our own software tools for building management:

Key requirements for BMS and SCADA systems:

Energetický audit

  • ensuring comfort and safety for building users
  • control (automatic or manual) of individual building systems (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, fir protection systems, etc.)
  • failure detection, remote management and control
  • visualization of collected data for individual systems (SCADA)
  • IT security

Our difference from other BMS and SCADA systems lies in the possibility of utilizing the connection of building systems to cloud applications, which in turn make their operation and management more efficient and easier. Likewise, connectivity with modern IoT (Internet of Things) technologies can make it easier to manage and provide a more comfortable environment. By connecting the world of BMS/SCADA and IT, the customer gains full control over their properties and a detailed overview of their operations at lower operating costs.

The specific quotation is always based on the project information. To request us just describe your situation and send information to or use our contact form or telephone: +420 222 766 950.


Main Benefits

  • Operate in compliance with the legal requirements and the highest IT security requirements
  • Lower operating costs
  • Connection to cloud services for energy and facility management.
  • Monitoring of efficiency and economy of operation

What you get:  A modernly managed and energy-efficient property


  • Property owners
  • Developers
  • General contractors
  • Government
  • Retail - the need to centralize multiple sites under a single management

Our delivery always includes SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). By connecting systems to the cloud, systems can be managed from multiple locations from a single location within a single Enectiva application access. However, a system of assigning different permissions always ensures that each user has access only to the systems that he / she truly manages.

As an option, you can also choose from different types of touch panels that act as HMIs (Human Machine Interface), the interface between the technology being controlled and the system administrator. So you don't have to have any other technologies at the control room than an ordinary computer that is connected to the Internet.

Our deliveries include the following services:

  1. Project design and processing
  2. Delivery and installation of technology
  3. SW creation and visualization
  4. Commissioning
  5. Re-commissioning
  6. Connect to cloud services for energy and facility management

Are you interested in the possibility of supplying the BMS or SCADA system from us? Contact Enerfis.