Office microclimate improvement

Employees work performance is essential to the productivity of the whole company. It is a scientifically proven fact that employees are much more enthusiastic and they work more efficiently in an environment which is pleasing to the eye and whose interior microclimate is good. We will improve yor working environment.

Main Benefits

  • More pleasant working environment
  • Increase in productivity of employees

What you get: Increased productivity thanks to a more pleasant environment

Suitable for:

  • Leaders, Managers
  • Building owners
  • Facility management
  • Property management


Zlepšení mikroklima

In order to feel good somewhere, human beings need various psychological and physiological stimuli originated in certain parameters of the interior. Assessment of the quality of interior microclimate, therefore, combines various scientific fields – from technology to psychology and sociology.

The Enerfis team is aware of this fact and we invite various specialists to analyze the environment.
First, we prepare a simple questionnaire (which, however, uses methods used in psychology) for the users of the analyzed building – by this, we learn how they evaluate the environment and how they feel in the building.
Then, with the help of loggers measuring heat, humidity, intensity both artificial and natural light, and pollutants concentration, we analyze the actual state of the microclimate of the place in relation to the time of the day and the number of users.
In conclusion, we analyze the data from both the measurements and from the questionnaires and we identify all the deficiencies of the interior microclimate and we propose changes in technology regulation, the layout of the interior, the arrangement of greenery, etc., so that the quality of the interior microclimate meets new, much higher standards.

WELL certification focuses mainly on interior microclimate and health of employees.

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