Energy model and simulation

Dynamic energy models provide detailed assessment of characteristics of a building before it is even constructed. With the help of energy models, we are able to calculate the demands of the building in terms of energy in various climatic conditions, as well as to answer the basic questions regarding the construction and orientation of the building, selected technologies, or interior arrangement. Moreover, models and simulations may also be used in building certifications such as LEED EB:OM, LEED Core&Shell, LEED New Constructions or BREEAM and BREEAM In Use. We are using simulation programs Design Builder and EQuest for LEED.

Main benefits

  • Reduced operating costs of the future building
  • Detailed analysis of the characteristics of the building
  • Help in choosing the right technology options

What you get:Description of characteristics of a building before its actual construction

Suitable for:

  • Developer
  • Investor
  • Design team

Energetický model

Our company offers dynamic model-making in the Design Builder software – a system suitable for BREAAM and LEED certifications.

The outputs enable us to optimize the building, focusing on higher thermal comfort of the interior and on choosing the most convenient type of heating, cooling, or ventilation of the building. At the same time, the outputs of the model help us to come up with the most effective way to regulate the abovementioned systems.

Based on the results of the simulations, it is possible to optimize the construction plans, as well as the designs of interior systems - the operation of the building therefore becomes more economical, effective, and user-friendly before its construction even begins..






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