Service workflow

Simplicity is the hidden strength and beauty; therefore we offer you six simple steps that can significantly improve your energy management.

Process of energy management

1. Initial Assessment 

This is a basic introduction to optimized property and finding the available evidence. Together with the customer, we select the area (energy or technology) to be optimized. Determine also ROI (Return on Investments), which is acceptable to the customer. Our solutions are tailored to meet the current requirements of the client and the nature of the subject of our optimization process.

2. Inspection

Our team of trained technicians always collect over 500 pieces of various information. Always starting from the real values that are measured by precision data loggers, electricity network analyzers, thermal visions, and other measuring devices. In case that part of our work is the set of Energy Management (ISO 50001) processes, at this stage, we carry out surveys and questionnaires that can reveal another potential of savings.

3. Analytics

Based on all the information from the inspection, measurement, utility bills, documentation and submetering looking for the best measures that lead to higher energy efficiency. Another important part of our service is benchmarking with similar buildings or operations. Thanks to the know-how preservation in energy monitoring application Enectiva. In the analytical part, we use data mining methods and also regression analysis.

4. Results

For maximum benefit for our client, it is important to communicate with customers both before the beginning of our work, as well as afterward. We present our results to the customer at the final meeting and decide together which way to go in implementing measures to reduce total energy consumption.

5.Savings implementation 

For our customers, we select from our energy savings database currently comprising 98 different measures. Those are eligible to become sub-projects with its own timetable and budget for their implementation. On our service, we provide a guarantee that the investment in the initial study must be returned within one year of the no-cost measures.

6. Monitoring of Energy Savings

Without proper evaluation of the results, there is not successful energy management. As part of our services, we offer an on-line energy monitoring web application Enectiva. Thanks to Enectiva you can easily manage all energy consumptions, and track your savings.

Guarantee of your investment

Our service is designed to minimize strain on the operation itself, yet still manage to provide maximum information to the customer of the energy economy. Our motivation is to uncover the most potential area for greater energy efficiency, as well as implement energy savings measures and on-line track your savings. On our service, we provide a guarantee. Your initial investment must return within one year by no-cost solutions. 



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