We automate the operation of your buildings

Thanks to online services, it is possible to reduce both the costs of operation and save on the administration associated with their management. The benefits increase with the number of buildings you have to look after. Today we offer the possibility to connect any building and their systems to a solution for:



In the field of energy management, this includes energy reporting, automatic energy cost accounting, energy efficiency monitoring, comparison of real and predicted costs based on a mathematical model, management of all energy meters and evaluation of EPC projects or energy-saving projects in general.

In the area of Facility Management, we bring our clients the ability to automatically track all requests for inspections and revisions, manage and store documents, contracts, revisions, invoices. Furthermore, the possibility to keep records of assets and all the equipment that is present on your buildings and, last but not least, the management of contacts to external service providers that you use in your management.

The goal is to automate the management and operation of your facilities and entire buildings as much as possible.


Are you interested in the possibility of using additional services in conjunction with the measurement and control system? Contact us