According to the norms of the parliament of the European Union, in the Decree 56/2016 of February 12, the reduction of consumption and waste of energy for which it was established in 2007 is sought, which by 2020 consumption must have reduced 20%.

In the content of Decree 56/2016 of February 12, it is stipulated that: The companies that are forced to perform an energy audit is because it has more than 250 employees, invoices plus 50 million euros and has a general annual balance of 43 millions. Small and medium-sized businesses are excluded.

The audits must be done 4 years from the date of the previous audit covering 85% of the consumption of the facilities and must be carried out by a qualified technician for this.

Energy audits have the following guidelines:

  • They must be based on up-to-date, measured and verifiable operational data.
  • An examination of the periplus of energy consumption
  • Long-term savings

The sanctions for not performing the energy audit can be from 300 to 1000.00 euros depending on the severity of the sanction.

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