Thermal imaging

Correct functioning of the building´s envelope is absolutely crucial in reducing its energy costs. You can save a lot of money that may be used elsewhere by keeping heat or cold from escaping the building through thermal bridges or leakages.

Similarly, by finding water leakages you can prevent expensive repairs of roofs or other types of construction. All such problems may be detected with thermovisual scan carried out by our qualified technician..

Main benefits

  • Spotting areas with insufficient or missing insulation
  • Detection of thermal bridges
  • Detection of unwanted escaping of heat and cold
  • Detection of places suffering from humidity

What you get: Detection of heat and cold escaping, water leakage, or defective wiring

Suitable for:

  • Building owner
  • Facility management
  • Property management
  • Building managers

Termovizní měření

Thermovision is an effective non-invasive method which immediately detect undesirable escaping of heated or cold air through defective or absent thermal insulation.

Unlike our competition, we charge you only for the compound as a whole, not for the number of images we take. You get a thorough assessment of all discovered deficiencies and a complex analysis of the envelope´s condition.

Thermovisual scan is carried out by a qualified technician, who will also work out a report, which includes a list of all discovered deficiencies, evaluation of these deficiencies in terms of their severity, and suggestions for how they should be removed.





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