Whether you prefer to develop an energy audit or perform a study of energy optimization, the result is always a set of saving measures. From the proposals arise other individual projects to a greater or lesser extent. If you decide to implement a larger project, the question of how to finance them becomes more important. One of the ways to finance this type of project is called EPC (Energy Performance Contracts), is defined in Directive 2006/32 / EC as: contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the provider (usually a ESCO, Energy Service Companies) of a measure to improve energy efficiency, when investments in such measure are paid with respect to a level of energy efficiency improvement agreed by contract. The EPC provider of energy services contractually guaranteed by the low level of savings and, therefore, the return on investment. Which of the EPC are the most popular products in the field of energy consulting?

The most common EPC projects include lighting replacement or heating system reconstruction, however EPC has no limits. The only condition is the generation of savings, so it is possible to pay the initial investment. In the Czech market it ranges between 4 and 10 years.

Advantages: Energy performance contracts (EPC) are savings without risk

Phase of EPC projects:

In current practice you can know different EPC projects. The structure of a common EPC in the market is:

1. Identification of the project. Verify the technical feasibility and economic profitability of the project in question. It can be managed based on the energy audit, in which a project of investment measures is presented. The evaluation of whether the project is suitable for the EPC method.

2. Preparation of the project. In the EPC projects the preparation and diligence in the processing of the input information in the form of project documentation is very important because this is where the final amount of the savings achieved is decided.

3. Guarantee financing. The financial resources for the execution of the project can be secured by third parties, for example a bank or directly by supplier companies such as Enerfis, depending on the volume of the project.

4. Implementation It is about installing the new technology and its implementation. Processing of project documentation and delivery to the client.

5. Monitoring and amortization of investments. Provide supervision, maintenance of installed technology and especially monitoring of savings obtained. Of these, then the investment is amortized.

Results of the monitoring and saving EPC projects.

An important part of the EPC projects are the results of the measurements. Compared to other companies, we offer online monitoring of all energy flows. Installing Enectiva, you can have the economic expense reports, which are generated automatically and are directly related to the imposed saving measures. This administration associated with the EPC is minimized, since all the parties have online access to all the necessary information in a transparent manner.

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