Energy Optimization of Building Operation

Every building owner or manager should be motivated to keep the operating costs of the building at the lowest possible level, while maintaining utmost comfort for the inhabiting tenants. This will mutually benefit both in terms of standard of living, as well as cost of living.

Main Benefits

  • Reduction of operation costs
  • Prevention of wasting
  • Selection of energy-saving investments
  • Analysis of current technical condition

What you get: Effective building operation with maximum comfort for its users

Suitable for:

  • Building owners
  • Building managers
  • Property management
  • Asset management

Enerfis team can help you find cost savings within your budget. We are professionals in energy, construction engineering, and lighting and will propose the best cost saving initiatives for your building.
We can differentiate the characteristics of buildings and optimize their functions. This way we always find the most efficient methods of reducing the cost.   In order to be able to design a unique solution, we analyze the following areas:

Energetická optimalizace provozu budov


  • The structure and construction of the building
  • Building technologies and its regulation
  • Motivation of key employees to save energy
  • Current energy expenses
  • Readings provided by energy meters
  • Tenants awareness

This service is mainly focused on finding zero-cost or low-cost measures with a payback period of no longer than two years. Energy optimization is not an energy audit, which we offer as a separate service and whose structure is stipulated by law.

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