Energy efficient measurement and control systems

Our customers primarily seek us out for our specialisation in energy efficient operations. We are always thinking about how to design systems for low consumption and optimal operating costs. This is no different for measurement and control systems, which are key to ensuring the economics of operation.

We use the best of the IT world in combination with the world of building automation. This has enabled us to offer our clients better and clearer energy management services. This includes fully automated energy efficiency reporting. This uses mathematical models to compare theoretical and actual consumption. The difference is evaluated as potential for savings.

As part of the reporting, we also use climate data from a given location. Subsequently, thanks to the day-step method, we can evaluate the efficiency of cooling or heating for our clients. This is an integral part of EPC projects, which form a separate chapter for the deployment of our measurement and control systems. Thanks to our cloud services, we can then monitor the results and benefits of energy-saving measures in real time and then report everything automatically to the responsible parties.

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