Dynamic simulation and energy model for BREEAM

To receive credits ENE 01 - Energy Efficiency, HEA 01 - Visual Comfort, HEA 10 - Thermal Comfort and HEA 07 - Potential of Natural Ventilation, Enerfis can offer our customers the preparation of the necessary evidence by using software Design Builder. With the help of dynamic simulation, customers can not only get credits for the certification but also optimize the design so that the resulting building was economical in terms of energy consumption and be friendly indoor climate.

What you get: Evidence for credits under the BREEAM certification and energy efficient building

With the help of dynamic simulation get accurate data that describe the behavior of the building, taking into account different climatic conditions in the area and throughout the year. It is very easy to optimize your project at the early stages when it is possible to compare different technology among themselves and then make a decision which one to implement the project. 

In Enerfis we care about the resulting building always meeting the criteria for a healthy life and a pleasant environment to work. For this reason, in every project, we work very closely with the designers themselves in pushing and gradually implementing our knowledge of dynamic simulations. This is often a crucial decision in terms of building construction and technological equipment.

Dynamic simulation is used in the context of several certification schemes. Whether it is a BREEAM New Construction and the BREEAM In Use. We are used to processing documents in both the Czech language and in English, German, or French. As part of the certification of buildings, we also offer consulting services and cooperation on other credit.

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