Technical information and measured examples

Winter season is the best time for thermal imaging measurement when indoor and outdoor temperature differences reach 20 degrees. Thermal imaging cameras capture surface temperature and reflective temperature. That leads to dependence on the surface emissivity. Thermal imaging camera calculates resulting surface temperature from ambient, reflective and surface temperature. For exact results, it measures both outside and inside. Camera captures infrared rays. Invisible rays are converted to visible light spectrum. It can choose a different type of visible colour spectrum.

 There is described what it can be measured in general information.

Termovize RDThere is captured older house with reconstructed part of the roof. It shows the differences between new and old materials. With reconstruction, old windows were changed with new ones.  This can cause problem with humidity inside. New windows significantly block airflow and thermal bridges cause condensation in these parts.






Porovnání konstrukcíDifferent technical properties of the fenestration. Garage has fewer demands for inner microclimate. But you can see, that garage door emits more energy to surrounding than windows on the first floor. Surface temperature of the garage door is about three degrees higher than the temperature of the windows. 






Teplotní profil vertikálního vedení

Here it is shown a temperature profile. It is a thermogram of each point of the black line of upper image. Temperature increases in the garage door’s area. Energy wasting can be prevented by several methods. It does not need to be only by door exchange which is expensive.






Nedoléhání dveřního křídla balkonových dveříThe door on the left side suffers from partial energy leaking. Probably it is caused by bad insulation in the corner or by needs of door adjusting. Sometimes there are problems of torsion response with huge fenestration.







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