Although the Energy Audit is determined in some way by the regulations, there is still an opportunity to make a difference and do things better, with greater precision and greater added value for the client. When performing energy audits, they will have the extensive experience of our auditors, which will also be based on real data collected on site. We use different types of data loggers and measuring devices that detect the smallest loss of energy resources. Therefore, the potential for savings increases.

Enerfis: added value and precise information


Energy inspection of boilers

Enerfis offers its customers to implement boiler inspection under Royal Decree 1027/2007. It is a mandatory periodic inspection for all heat generators with a rated thermal power equal to or greater than 20 kW, stipulated every 5 years. On the other hand, if the nominal power is greater than 70 kw, the periodicity will be 4 years for renewable gases and fuels and 2 years for other fuels.

Control of air conditioning energy

You can also see the efficiency in the cold generation units that Enerfis offers its customers. According to the RD , the cold generators of the thermal installations with a nominal thermal power greater than 12 kW must be inspected periodically, in accordance with the calendar established by the competent body of each Autonomous Community, based on their age and that their Nominal thermal power is greater than 70 kW or equal to or less than 70 kW.

Analysis of the electrical network.

In Enerfis the analyzer model of the American company Dent Instruments is used, with which it can be measured practically anywhere since it is fed directly from the measuring circuit. Data logger can store data for every second of operation, phase shift, distortion networks, and harmonic interferences. This allows the detection of unnecessary losses, voltage peaks, phasors of different sizes and other characteristics that increase electricity consumption. If you want to know more about the network analysis click here .

Monitoring of humidity and temperature.

The reduction in 1C of the temperature in a space can reduce heating costs in winter by up to 6%. One of the typical characteristics of audits is to measure temperature and humidity in different types of spaces. This creates temperature / humidity profiles through which it is possible to optimize the heating or cooling system. If you want to know more about the monitoring click here.

CO2 measurement

When the control of air conditioning systems is carried out, the measurement of the CO2 concentration is used. In the use of measuring devices Enerfis uses CO2-Meter belonging to American companies, this measurement is usually done for a week. After the measurement and based on the concentration profile, it is evaluated when it is possible to reduce the operation of the air conditioning or if it is more appropriate to choose another type of regulation. The potential savings in this area are surprisingly high. If you want more information click here.

Smart monitoring system-remote reading systems.

The measurement is an integral part of each savings project. Without quality measurement, you can not prove the results of the investment, so Enerfis offers its customers online monitoring of all energy flows. With the Enectiva application, the administrative load associated with the energy data is reduced by up to 90% and can also be used for the detection of additional energy savings. If you want to know more about intelligent measurement systems, click here.

Energy Efficiency Certificate / Building envelope label.

Among the general public, there is confusion about the difference between EEC energy efficiency certificates and the envelope label of the building. Both can be part of an energy audit, in fact, public authorities make it necessary and even in some cases mandatory to carry it out, and it is possible to prepare a single energy specialist that is duly authorized.

Thermal-thermographic measurement.

Thermography can detect not only heat or cold leaks but also moisture that enters the building. For a detailed energy audit Testo thermal imaging cameras are used, thanks to which we can offer a team that discovers even the most hidden thermal bridges. If you want to know more about thermography measurements click here.

ISO 50001

We cooperate with DEKRA Certification in the event that a client wishes to certify their processes in accordance with the ISO 50001 energy management standard. Process linkage refers to the construction of energy policy, the introduction of principles for the identification of waste and energy saving measures, and control and monitoring.