Carbon footprint

Why measure your carbon footprint?

Today, the term "carbon neutrality" is increasingly used in the business world and, in the long term, it is in the interest of all companies to adapt to it. Understanding your company's impact on the environment is becoming increasingly important in the face of global warming and climate change. Measuring your carbon footprint will allow you to identify the problem, which you can then address. In addition, customers are increasingly interested in buying from environmentally conscious brands, so standing out as a company involved in reducing your carbon footprint will also help you attract more customers. Don't hesitate any longer, measure your carbon footprint to evolve environmentally and economically.

Our services

What do we offer?


  • Online energy monitoring

  • Energy certification
  • Comprehensive analysis of your carbon footprint

We provide these services to all companies, worldwide.



We offer a plan tailored to your needs with measures for:

  • Helping you to reduce your carbon footprint to the required level
  • Or to offset it with other projects to achieve carbon neutrality.


Main Benefits

  • Reduced impact of your company on the environment

  • A more positive relationship between your company and your customers, which is an important part of the CSR activities.
  • Better decision making on future investments


What you get: A healthier company with a lower environmental impact and a better public relations image


How do we determine your carbon footprint?

  1. Initial analysis of your company's situation
  2. Data collection
  3. Final carbon footprint calculation based on emission factors
  4. Detailed review of where your carbon footprint is coming from and professional advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint



  • Prague, central position in Europe
  • Performant ENECTIVA Software


If you are interested in determining your carbon footprint or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or + 420 222 766 950.