The matrix of energy management is a tool for the rapid detection of strengths and weaknesses in seven areas of energy management.

What you get: An overview of the success of your energy management

Companies often consider their energy costs as fixed. However, with the right approach to energy management (GE), it is possible to reduce these costs and save money. Energy management refers to the processing of files, control, action measures, and processes designed to monitor, evaluate, and effectively manage the energy flow of companies in order to reduce costs. To check the success of this management, a simple matrix is ​​used, where only a place on each line is marked, which corresponds to the State, and in a matter of seconds it has an overview of the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the most representative areas in its energy management program.


Without actions

Partial management Energy management fully covered
Energetic politics Without energy policy Energy policy with moderate leadership support Formal energy management policy
Data collection, cartography, and analysis Information based on billing Main readings and sub-metering, internal audits Automatic data collection, analysis, audit and benchmarking
Setting goals You have to set goals Only random targets are established Specified and quantified objectives
Creation of an action plan An action plan has been established but without financial support Objectives are established for some levels, as an opportunity for improvement. Comprehensive plan with clear objectives and with financial support
Implementation of the action plan There are no steps taken The staff is familiar with the plan All modifications are made according to the plan, motivation and awareness of employees
Evaluation of the results Undone Comparison with previous years Comparison of the results with the expected order
Recognition of success Without recognition Recognition of successful project Individual awards, for teams and departments.

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