Circuit breaker and distribution rate optimization

Buildings and operations undergo many changes over time. These changes affect the total electricity consumption and therefore the peak current consumed. If you don't want to pay unnecessary money for an oversized circuit breaker, poorly negotiated capacity or a poorly chosen distribution tariff, optimise your electricity consumption.

Main benefits

  • Reduction of operating costs

  • Extra financial resources

What you get: Distribution charges are already a bigger part of your electricity bill, keep them to a minimum

To whom:

  • Building owners

  • Building managers

  • Property management

  • Facility management

The service is based on a power grid analyzer that measures in real time all the qualitative parameters of the grid, including the effective voltage and especially the current, which is crucial for the subsequent optimization. This measurement is made on all three phases. The measurement time depends on the nature of the operation and can range from a few hours to several days or weeks. The total measurement time also determines the price of the service. The analyzer operates in datalogger mode, where it stores all values for further analysis. The measurements also include the evaluation of the questionnaire and the overall analysis of the situation in the client's cabinets by our technician. This gives us a comprehensive view and the ability to more accurately determine the correct breaker value or 1/4 hour maximum.

After the measurement and analysis of the wiring, we will prepare an output report including recommendations for optimizing the circuit breaker (1/4 hour maximum) to the correct value. Total turnaround time is typically 3-10 days from order confirmation.

Measurements are performed nationwide and can be combined with other services such as an energy audit.

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