Energy Data Analytics

Regular reporting and analysis of energy data is an integral part of the external energy service. The goal of consumption reporting is to monitor trends, define potential for savings, detect waste, and develop financial and energy plans. Our analytical service includes the development of energy concepts and action plans.

Main benefits

  • Overview of history and trends
  • Early detection of waste
  • Quantifying the potential for savings
  • Drawing up concepts and plans

What you get: energy analysis and reporting

To whom:

  • Building owners
  • Building managers
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Cities and municipalities

Several factors always influence consumption. In the case of manufacturing companies, it is mainly the quantity of units produced, and in the case of office buildings, it is the occupancy rate. However, for all plants, the weather has a significant impact on consumption. That is why our analyses also include the influence of weather conditions in addition to the classic benchmarking and evaluation of ratio indicators. With the help of so-called day-rates we can compare different heating seasons with each other, but also summer seasons and their influence on cooling.

The resulting analyses therefore take into account:

  • The consumption itself
  • Envelope and building construction
  • Building technology, production or operational processes
  • Weather

We offer the enegetic data analytics service both independently and as part of the service of an external energy analyst.


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