Implementation of Energy Management

Energy management is an umbrella term for many activities whose objective is a more effective system of energy use and reduction of emission of greenhouse gases. It is a continuous process. If correctly implemented and adjusted, it manages to successfully lower the energy costs of buildings.

Main Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Setting up measures aiming at savings
  • Improving motivation of employees or tenants

What you get: More economical operation of buildings and organizations

Suitable for:

  • Facility management
  • Property management
  • Building owners
  • Companies in general

Energy management is primarily based on the PDCA method, whose acronym stands for „Plan – Do – Check - Act“

Implementace energetického managementu

Plan: Setting up goals and processes necessary to achieve objectives that are in agreement with the energy policy of the organization

Do: Implementation of the processes

Check: Monitoring and metering of the processes in the context of the energy policies, aims, target values, legal requirements and other needs with which the organization has identified itself; reporting the results

Act: Realization of measures that will continuously increase efficiency of energy management

Our company does not only offer consulting services in the field of energy management, but we also offer suggestion and realization of individual steps that lead to introduction of a new or revised system of energy management for your organization or facilities.

We also offer our own energy information system Enectiva designed for improvement of energy management.

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