Building user manuals

Do you want your employees or tenants to know what the numbers on a thermostatic head mean? Do you get frequent questions about how to operate the air-conditioning system properly? Would you like to have the tenants informed about how to properly air interiors so that heat and cold escapings are reduced?

Our manuals are intended and designed for employees and tenants and provide them not only with instructions on how to operate individual technological systems, but also with useful tips that lead to cost savings.

Main Benefits

  • More economical operation of a building/compound
  • Better relationship with tenants
  • More informed tenants

What you get: Informed tenants, economical behavior, and energy savings

Suitable for:

  • Building owner
  • Facility management
  • Property management
  • Tenants


Manuály pro uživatele budov

We know from our experience that a positive change in tenants´ behavior may result in energy saving up to 10%.

Our manuals are made especially for each individual unit, office, building or its part. They are simple and easily comprehensible even to laymen. We always derive the design of the manual from the design of the building, so that it always corresponds to the identity and culture of the company.

Building owners may use the manuals to improve their communication and relationship with tenants. Tenants are always glad to see that the owner of the building cares about them.



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