Our projects

  • CASE STUDY: Water leak in the car wash

    The client, an owner of truck service center network with car washes, has decided to invest into pilot smart metering project. The reason – steadily high energy bills.

    Our goal was to detect sources of wasting and lower operating costs for the property.

  • Implementation of ISO 50001 for the town of ROŽNOV POD RADHOŠTĚM

    Enerfis won a tender to develop a policy for implementation of ISO 50001 standard, posted by ROŽNOV POD RADHOŠTĚM. The town is in the process of step by step implementation of ČSN EN ISO 50001 – a system of energy management.

  • BREEAM Biodiversity study of AUPARK Shopping Center

    The customer turned to us with the desire to make a hasty exploration of the biodiversity of the business center and its adjacent surroundings within the BREEAM In-Use certification.

  • Technical audit of the REPA center

    Prior to the purchase of the building, the customer wished to evaluate the building in terms of its technical aspects and its service life. The objective of the technical audit was to evaluate the technical condition of the building, its technological equipment, operating costs and future investments for the next 5 to 10 years.

  • Labor Office of the Czech Republic

    In this project, our client was the Czech Labor Office. The measurement was carried out at its 136 branches throughout the Czech Republic.

  • Pražská teplárenská

    There was a problem with computers and other facilities in the administrative building of Prague Heating. The reason for the customer being contacted was the need to find out the reason for incorrect operation of these devices, provided all these devices are in order.

  • Standard for KB - Backup Power Supply

    KB asked us to process a document on how to deal with the situation in the event of a power outage. They wanted to find out what the legislative minima are and what they should pay attention to.

  • LEED Commissioning - Administrative Building Rustonka A

    Rustonka is a project of J & T investment group and our task was to provide complete services related to commissioning under the LEED certification of the administrative complex in Prague - Karlín.

  • Energy audit of Regata Bohemia

    Regata was interested in developing energy audits for 6 department stores in the Czech Republic in order to reduce the energy intensity of future applications of austerity measures that are the output of the audit.

  • Optimization of OBI

    OBI is currently the second largest DIY (= do it yourself) dealer of building materials and supplies in Europe. The company has 580 branches across Europe, including 28 outlets in the Czech Republic. The OBI group, which collects one success after another, employs 42,000 people, and in 2013 it recorded a yearly turnover of 6.7 billion euros.

  • On-line energy management for ABB

    ABB is a global company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with more than 150,000 employees worldwide. The range of activities of ABB includes power engineering, automation, or robotics, and it decided to use the Enectiva on-line energy management tool developed by Enerfis for its compound in Trutnov.

  • Industrial areas ZLKL s.r.o.

    Our client for this project was engineering company ZLKL s.r.o., which in 2012 ranked 3rd place and in 2013 1st place position in the Company of the Olomouc region contest. It also won award Responsible Company of the Olomouc Region in 2013. Use the services of energy consulting was an inevitable step in the quest for the most efficient operation of an industrial enterprise.

  • Camaieu - Energy optimization

    For the French clothing chain Camaieu we realized project to optimize the electricity consumption directly at one of their 50 stores.
  • BREEAM Certification In 7 Administration Buildings

    In the second half of 2012, our company participated in the certification of six interesting and from the perspective of tenants very lucrative office buildings. Certification was carried out in the standard Breeam In Use and our task was to assess the current state of buildings in terms of biodiversity impact.

  • Energy Survey in an Apartment Building in Hladkov, Prague

    This project was commissioned by the owner of an aparment building in Hladkov in Prague. The owner had recently acquired the building and we were to analyze the building in terms of energy. We focused on detecting problems that significantly influence the overall consumption, on energy optimization and changes that would solve these issues.

  • Smart Metering - 106 Meters in three buildings

    In this project, our customer was the 2N s.r.o. company which administers three administration buildings with the total gross area of 10.000 sq.m. In terms of facility management, the employees of 2N are highly motivated to search for possible savings.

  • Libertas

    In this project, the client was the Libertas SpA company that operates a complex of ca. 15,000 m2 of office space and 5,000 square meters of printing area in the centre of Prague.

  • The HUB Prague

    In this project, we worked for The HUB – a well-known network of coworking centers. The building  is used by companies and entrepreneurs and it includes a shared open space office, conference rooms and other necessities. The overall floor area is 900 sq.m.

  • BCB Pilsen

    In this project, the client of the Enerfis team was the property management of the Business Centre Bohemia (BCB), a well-known administration building which serves as a dominant feature of the city of Plzen. BCB is a modern building in terms of technological equipment, the primary focus of this project therefore was on the efficiency of operation of the technology and its regulation.

  • Solitaire Real Estate

    In this project, the customer was the Solitaire Real Estate company operating a compound of three administration buildings in the Prague center. Out of 8.530 square meters of the gross floor area of the compound, 6.085 square meters are to be found in new, reconstructed buildings, and 2.445 sq.m. in an older one.

  • Biodiversity in the Mosaic House

    In this project, we worked for the property management (Impact-CORTI a.s.) of the Mosaic House hotel, which takes pride in being called „the greenest hotel in Prague“. Our task was to assist at the re-certification of the hotel in the Breeam standard in the field of biodiversity.