Our Customer

In this project, the client was the Libertas SpA company that operates a complex of ca. 15,000 m2 of office space and 5,000 square meters of printing area in the centre of Prague.

Assignment and Objectives

  • Thermovisual scan of the envelope of the compound
  • Analysis of the regulation of the technology in the building
  • Analysis of heat and humidity in the compound
  • Assessment of energy management, suggestions for its improvement
  • Seeking options for savingí



Thermovisual scan of the building compound provided our client with an overview of condition in which the constructions on the edges of the heated area were. We identified obvious problems, as well as minor defects which would remain unnoted in everyday operation. Using temperature and humidity data loggers, we came up with a profile of the complex, which revealed significant overheating in some of the areas. Based on these findings, we made adjustments to the heating curve that prevent such overheating.

We have also developed a graphic manual designed for the users of the building, which included a detailed manual on how to operate regulation tools and how to use offices economically.Energy management has been assessed as well and the findings were taken into consideration in the output of the survey, which suggested how the management may be improved. We also suggested to use our software system, the Enectiva energy management program.

With the help of know-how of our team, we were able to compare consumption and prices of individual energies in the compound with different buildings od similar types. Our customer was therefore informed about his position on the market in comparison with competition.The conclusion of the study also included suggestions of cost-saving measures across the range of all consumed energies – one of those suggestions concerned the possibility to put the electricity price out to tender due to high expenses on energies, contrasting with positive development of the prices on the market.

Another noteworthy measure was the installation of a quarter-hour maximum regulator, which helped to cut down ca. 100.000 CZK from the lump sum paid every year..


Summary of suggested measures and savings

As the client requested, we only made suggestions for low- and zero-cost measures with the payback period of 3 years in maximum.


Measure category Number of measures Total yarly savings
Low costs (0 - 100 000 Kč) 7  993 000 Kč