PENB vs. a laic or what will it bring me as a laic?

13. 2. 2013

PENB is actually a way to easily tell a laic the complex issue of building quality in terms of energy efficiency. It is true that PENB will not tell you how much will be on your energy bill at the end of the year. However, the car dealer will not tell you what consumption the car will have when you start driving with it.

The reason is simple - energy consumption in a building, like fuel consumption, is determined by your behavior (e.g. required temperature or driving style) and external influences (e.g. winter stiffness or traffic jams).

Nevertheless, when buying a car, we look at its average fuel consumption. And why? Because this consumption is calculated for all cars using the same methodology, and thus this number allows us to compare qualitatively with each other on the market.

It is similar with PENB - it will not tell you the exact energy consumption, but will provide you with other relevant and important information when deciding which property to build / renovate / buy or rent. And since real estate investments are, in the vast majority of cases, long-term investments, any relevant information will certainly come in handy for making the right decision.