BREEAM Certification In 7 Administration Buildings

The Client

We have participated in the BREEAM certification process in buildings administered by three important company on real estate market. The following buildings were to be certified:Central 2

Eurovea Bratislava (3 buildings)
Zlatý Anděl
Budova Beta komplexu BB centrum
Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Towers (2 buildings)

Assignment and Objectives

  • Re-certification of the buildings in the Breeam standard
  • Preparation of a biodiversity plan
  • Suggestion of specific measures concerning fauna and flora
  • Suggestion of measures concerning environment managementVýsledky

The main factor in the increase of biodiversity in the area is the provision of suitable greenery wherever it is possible. The secondary factor is then the provision of a spectrum of artificial or natural hollows that may serve as shelters, or as nesting and breeding places.Beta BB centrum

In collaboration with prominent Czech zoologists, botanists, and other specialists, we came up with a unique biodiversity plan for each building, which included suggestion for specific measures concerning nesting and sheltering of various animal species, as well as suggestions for change in the structure of greenery in the building and its surroundings whose objective was to provide animals with food, watering places, insect hotels, beetle houses, etc.

Each of this studies reflected specifics of the corresponding building and its surroundings (e.g. proximity of wildlife corridors). At the same time, the studies followed the strategic plans of both regional and global environmental protection formulated by the offices of civil service of the Czech Republic (or, alternatively Slovakia).

It is also worth mentioning, that 5 out of 7 of the abovementioned studies were provided in English.