Energy Survey in an Apartment Building in Hladkov, Prague

Our Client

This project was commissioned by the owner of an aparment building in Hladkov in Prague. The owner had recently acquired the building and we were to analyze the building in terms of energy. We focused on detecting problems that significantly influence the overall consumption, on energy optimization and changes that would solve these issues.

Assignment and Objectives

  • Assessment of the use of energies in the building and detection of wasting
  • Assessment of the performance of the boiler in relation to heat wasting
  • Suggestion for changes that would reduce the consumption and evaluation of their impact
  • Assessment of plans for heating water
  • To suggest a solution of heating water with the help of the current boiler
  • A complete assessment of the heating system of the building
  • Suggestions for changes that would improve the performance of the heating system and for solutions for the detected defects
  • Thermovisual scan of the envelope and of the suspicious parts of the interior


We have calculated the heat loss of the building using a mathematical model of the building. The loss proved to be much lower than the power of the installed boiler. We therefore suggested a new system of heating water which uses the spare energy of the boiler.

Křivka tepla

Using 8 different mathematical models, we evaluated the impact the suggested changes would have on the energy consumption. The client could always choose from several variants of a given solution (for instance, thermal insulation could be improved by either replacement of all the windows, replacement of windows in the apartments only, or by new plastering).

We have surveyed the heating system in its entirety, from the boiler to the radiators, and thus we have provided the client with the complete heating system documentation (ground plans, sectional views, drawings, a report that describes all the regulation tools, etc.). The report also included suggestions for expanding the heating system to places which are currently not heated, but which will be renovated in the near future and turned into apartments.

Termovize hládkov

The defects detected (e.g. incorrectly installed meters measuring the thermal regulation), including suggestions for their removal, have been enlisted and described in detail in the final report.
The results of the thermovisual scan provided our client with a complete overview of heat escaping..