On-line energy management for ABB

ABB is a global company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with more than 150,000 employees worldwide. The range of activities of ABB includes power engineering, automation, or robotics, and it decided to use the Enectiva on-line energy management tool developed by Enerfis for its compound in Trutnov.

The first meeting between the representatives of ABB and Enerfis took place at a conference entitled Energy for the future, organized within the International Engineering Fair in Brno. The presentation of Enectiva, our on-line tool of energy management, drew so much attention that ABB decided shortly after the trade fair to implement our solution in the Trutnov compound in order to discover potential savings and to simplify administration of energy consumption.Enectiva vodoměr

Though ABB just rents the Trutnov compound, there are 14 electricity, water and heat meters within its production halls. The Enerfis team installed new, automatically read water meters and central processing units, and connected these devices to the current reading system used by the building owner. All data transmission between ABB and Enectiva servers takes place within the T-mobile network.

Results of the project:

-14 metering points in total are being read regularly

-administration of energy consumption made much simpler

-wasting worth of thousands of CZK per month discovered immediately after the introduction of the system

-other cost saving measures have been suggested based on the first data received by the system – these concern optimization of electricity consumption with a short return period

-data collection takes place through two 2N SmartCom central units and the T-Mobile mobile network


Individual phases of the project:

Software energetický management
1. Meeting with the management, setting of goals
2. Inspection of the building, audit of the metering system
3. Suggestion for data collection, implementation of the system
4. Interconnection of Enectiva and the current metering system
5. Giving access to the application, training of the employees of ABB

Due to the unnecessary wasting detected shortly after the implementation of the system, the investment made to automatic data collection has been paid off immediately.