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Enhance buildings wellness with WELL at Scale

Wellness in the workplace has become crucial as the balance of work and life can be disrupted due to the fast-paced environment we are in. As organizations try to create an environment that promotes health and productivity, the concept of "WELL at Scale" has emerged as a support to guide organizations in the implementation of well-being frameworks. 


What is WELL at Scale?

WELL at Scale is an extension of the WELL Building Standard, a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being. Developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), WELL at Scale is adapted for large-scale projects such as corporate offices, educational campuses, and healthcare facilities..

WELL at Scale seeks to optimize the organization's environment to support the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals. Committed organizations will receive a WELL Score™ which can help the organization to demonstrate leadership in ESG and sustainability reporting.


The Benefits of WELL at Scale

Both the organizations and individuals can benefit from the implementation of WELL at Scale:

Better Health and Well-Being: By prioritizing features like indoor air quality, natural lighting, and access to nature, WELL at Scale creates environments that promote physical health and mental well-being. This leads to a reduction of absenteeism, improved concentration, and overall higher levels of satisfaction among individuals.

Increased Productivity: Well-designed spaces can significantly enhance productivity. WELL at Scale encourages features like biophilic design and noise reduction which contribute to a better environment where individuals can perform their best.

Attracting and Retaining Talent: For organizations it is important to attract and retain top talent. Offering a WELL-certified environment sends a clear message to individuals that their health and well-being are valued.

Environmental Sustainability: Energy efficiency, water saving, and sustainable materials are offered by WELL at Scale. By reducing resource consumption and minimizing negative environmental impacts, WELL-certified projects contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.


Applying WELL at Scale

When clients decide to implement WELL at Scale, they can expect a process which involves multiple significant steps. 

It starts with a pre-assessment in which the different objectives, scope, and the viability of the project are carefully considered. Performance goals are created, and an initial evaluation of the building's existing state is then conducted. 

Afterwards, in order to incorporate wellness ideas into the project, there is a design and building phase which involves choosing eco-friendly building materials, improving indoor air quality, adding biophilic features, and making sure every individual can access the space. 

Then comes the certification procedure that includes performance verification, onsite testing, and careful documentation review to guarantee compliance with the WELL Standard. 


How to Join the WELL at Scale Program

Reach out to IWBI for more information and guidance on how to start. You can do this through their website by filling out a contact form or by reaching out directly via email or phone. You can create an account and give more information about your organization. This will generate a price quote, allowing you to complete your subscription.

Before starting, you'll have to evaluate your organization's current practices in order to follow the WELL at Scale program. 

Then you can begin the registration process for your buildings or portfolio. This typically involves submitting project information and paying registration fees which go from $30,000 for both enterprise and portfolio subscriptions to up to $250,000 for enterprise subscriptions. The portfolio subscription is on a 5-year term while the enterprise subscription is on a one-year auto-renewal term.

Following the registration, it's time to implement the necessary improvements. It involves a mix of physical upgrades, policy changes, and operational strategies, such as choosing eco-friendly building materials, improving indoor air quality, adding biophilic features, and making sure every individual can access the space. 

After implementation, your projects will undergo performance verification by a third-party assessor to ensure they meet WELL standards.

Once verified, your projects will receive WELL certification. The program encourages continuous improvement, so ongoing performance tracking and periodic re-certification are part of the process.


What the Program Provides

  • Two WELL Reports per year
  • Elevated technical coaching support
  • A robust project management platform
  • Detailed performance analytics
  • Unlimited recognition awards for the subscribed locations (such as WELL Ratings, WELL Precertification or WELL Certification) 


Pricing and Discounts

The pricing is based on project size and complexity, with fees varying accordingly. 

  • WELL at Scale pricing:
Number of Locations Annual Costs per Enterprise
Up to 50 $30,000
Up to 100 $65,000
Up to 200 $112,500
Up to 300 $190,000
Up to 400 $225,000
401 - 10,000 Cap of $250,000


  • WELL Certification pricing:
WELL Certification WELL Core

$0.16* per square foot

For tenants or owners seeking to address the design, construction and/or operations of a new or existing interior space or owner-occupied building.

  • Enrollment fee: $3,000

*Starting at $8,000 and capped at $98,000

$0.08* per square foot

For builders, developers and operators looking to address the design, construction and/or operations of a new or existing base building

  • Enrollment fee: $3,000

*Starting at $8,000 and capped at $98,000


  • WELL also offers various discounts for organizations interested in pursuing a WELL at scale program:

Available for Discount details Discount applies to

IWBI members and WELL Enterprise Providers

Cornerstone members: 5%

Keystone members: 15%

WELL Certification precertification, documentation review and recertification fees, WELL Ratings

Special sectors


WELL Certification, WELL Rating and WELL at scale fees

Emerging markets


WELL Certification, WELL Rating and WELL at scale fees

Small business


IWBI Membership and fees for WELL Certification, WELL Ratings and WELL at scale

Clients pursuing WELL Certification

Rating complimentary with concurrent review; $3,000 for separate review

For existing WELL Certification clients: 10% discount on WELL at scale subscription for a

5-year term if participation in WELL is expanded to at least 5 locations by the end of 2022

All WELL Ratings

WELL at scale

Clients pursuing WELL Ratings

WELL Rating fees can be applied to WELL at scale subscription if upgraded within 6 months (minimum $30,000 subscription fee applies as a baseline)

WELL at Scale

Industrial locations

Reduced pricing per square foot/meter

For tenant fit-out application: $0.08/sq. ft. compared to $0.16/sq. ft.

For base building applications: $0.05/sq. ft. compared to $0.08/sq. ft.

WELL Certification



There are also different types of discounts for public sector organizations, small businesses, emerging market discounts are also available for countries identified as lower-middle or middle income. 

By prioritizing wellness in the built environment, organizations can unlock the benefits, from improved health and productivity to enhanced sustainability and the satisfaction of individuals.


Let Enerfis help you with the WELL certification for your buildings. Contact us at info@enerfis.cz or +420 222 766 950