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Articles from: Carbon footprint

A holistic approach to solving a company's carbon footprint

Carbon footprint management is a multidisciplinary field and therefore requires a comprehensive approach. As the carbon footprint generated by the company is also an indicator of economic activity, its optimization is intertwined with the functioning and structure of the entire company. From energy, operation of technologies and buildings, waste management, purchase of materials, investments, logistics to human resources. A holistic approach to the carbon footprint management system therefore covers all areas of society, as it addresses each of them in detail in relation to the total carbon footprint produced.

Carbon neutrality for companies – what does it mean and how to achieve it?

In the last couple of years, carbon neutrality has become a global issue and companies are reacting – some of them are even building a part of their philosophy on carbon neutrality, mostly because the company's attitude towards climate became an essential factor in customer behaviour. Polls have shown that over 60 % of respondents in the USA and Great Britain consider the climate change as a serious issue. Either way, it is more than clear that almost every company in the world – from small family firms to international corporations, will have to adapt to carbon neutrality, if they will be willing to gain new clientele, or at least maintain the current one.