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Reduce your energy spending effortlessly. It's easier than you think.

Are you terrified everytime you receive energy bills at the end of the month? Do those high sums give you nighmares? If you answered yes to questions above, we have good news for you! Enerfis is bringing you an exclusive collection of useful tips on reducing your energy expenses by half. It is more simple than you think. You don't need to replace old household appliances with their new more economic versions, neither to turn your your crib into a green structure. With a little bit of effort and tiny changes in your daily habits, you can significantly disburden your wallet. Moreover, by reducing your energy consumption, you will not only save money, but also benefit the environment and reduce climate change. Mother Nature will thank you and your grandchildren will too.

Keep yourself warm effortlessly

There are so many ways to stay warm without turning the heating on. A human body is often all you need.

  • When you are cold, instead of turning on the heating, just snuggle up with your housemates and keep each other warm. If there is no-one in the house, just grab the nearest object available.
  • Before you take a shower, warm yourself up with a bit of exercise. You will then bath in cooler water than you would normally. Wanna get our pre-shower workout? Hit us up.
  • Try to do as much of your activities in bed as possible. You will stay in comfort of your bed, the blanket will keep you warm and if you somehow manage to resist the temptation of taking naps, it won't anyhow affect your productivity.

Share your every-day activities

You can reduce your energy expenses by sharing certain activities with your roommates or neighbours. Besides reducing the costs, you might also improve your relationship with your homies. Don't forget, sharing is caring.

  • Always be in the same room as the other person no matter you do. Follow them wherever they go. You will certainly save money on lighting and moreover can also admonish each other when unecessary power wasting behavior is observed.
  • Take a shower in two. You can reduce your water consumption as much as by 15%. Also, take showers only when necessary.
  • Make a deal with your neighbours on mutual laundering on the basis of "one week you, one week me".

Eat Smart

An average household consumes a lot of electricity by cooking and baking. You can nonetheless save money by simple switches in your diet.

  • Eat and drink raw food and juices. Not only you will save money on cooking, but also preserve much more vitamins and minerals in the food.
  • Every time you come over your friend's place for dinner, take leftovers home. They are your friends, they won't judge you.
  • Eat and drink together from one plate and from one cup always. You will then save water used for washing up
  • Or just eat less.