Types od energy audit/Optimization studies

The legislation of the Czech Republic corresponds to the one of the EU. That’s why Enefis certified auditors are able to carry out energy audit anywhere in the European Union. One type of energy audit is clearly defined by Act. No 318/2012 Coll and other implementing acts. Enerfis understands that this law regulation can’t satisfy all needs of customers. That’s we suggest a convenient alternative: energy optimization.

Energy optimization respects the experience and know-how gained while improving energy performance of administrative buildings, industrial areas, projects of passive houses or building certification. It also relies on experience from abroad where it is possible to divide energy audits into three groups: according to the level of details.

Characteristics of different types:


Basic type of energy audit based on an interview with manager or owner of the building and a tour of a building. Firstly, functioning of energy systems is understood and then a input report is elaborated. It includes:

1. data analysis of energy consumption

2. discovered possibilities of energy saving measures

However, an energy audit of this size doesn’t include detailed economic analysis of every particular measure. It is mainly focused on detection of possible measures with a fast payback period. This type is also called preliminary audit.

Usual duration: one week

Main characteristics

-fast evaluation of a building or operations
-comparison with other buildings and operations of the same sort
-focused mainly on fast and low cost measures


Second degree of energy efficiency project contains all activities as level 1, but it is interested more in a wrap of the building and its systems od of lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling etc. In level one, these are viewed as a whole, that consumes certain amount of energy. Thus option is also called energy study and analysis.

The output is a set of energy saving measures for individual technologies. It contains cost-free and low-cost measures including repairs of regulation system. All energy saving measures are complemented by basic economic calculation

Usual duration: 2 to 4 weeks

Main characteristics:

-decomposing energy sources to individual appliances
-identification of energy saving measures for every particular system
-focus on measures of operational character extra


Lever three is used during implementation of widespread, investment costly energy saving measures. Usually, in this lever measures discovered in level two are used and are analyzed into more details. Measuring equipment or software tools are used during the process in order to produce simulations. These significantly refine estimates of savings made by particular designes energy saving measures.

Usual duration: 2 to 6 weeks

Main characteristics:

- emphasis on detailed analysis of high cost investment 
-use of measurement techniques such as thermovision, electrical network or CO2 analysis. Temporary instalation of secondary measurement
-all calculations are made with maximum precision and inclusion of all details

In all types of these audits, we remember at its main purpose: detection and classification energy performance including its improvement. We are aware of economic valorization of every measure and its importance.

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